Membership Application and Survey

The membership application and dues payment options are now open for the Fall semester! 

For more information about PRSSA, why you should join and how to join, check out our informational packet, here. 

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Are you interested in purchasing a graduation stole?
Only members are allowed to purchase a PRSSA University of Houston graduation stole or cord. Graduation stoles will run from $30 - $40 and will be received at time of payment.
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Membership Survey
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Membership FAQ

Q: How much are membership dues? How can I submit my payment?

A: Membership dues are $65 + a card processing fee of $2.25 will be added to all credit/debit card charges. To avoid the processing fee, you can pay via check or cash in a sealed envelope with your name. We are trying to set up a Paypal business account so you can pay dues online and avoid the fee. 

Q: How long does my membership last?

A: Your membership lasts the duration of one year. If you paid in the fall, you can renew your membership the following fall.

Q: Can I join even though I'm haven't taken any Public Relations classes?

A: Of course! To be a member of PRSSA, a student must be a communications major with an interest in PR. 

Q: Are there any requirements?

A: You must complete both a membership application and a membership survey.

Q: What if I can't attend every Chapter meeting? Can I still join?

A: Certainly. We understand that our meeting schedule doesn't always align with every single member, but you're welcome to attend events that you can, such as socials, fundraisers or other events.



Due to the impact of Stripe's card processing fees, we will now have to charge a $2.25 processing charge for all dues payments. To avoid the charge, you can pay by check, or there will be an option to pay by Paypal available shortly. Dues are $67.25 with the fee. Dues are $65 without the fee. 

As part of the application process, membership dues must be paid in full. If you fail to pay dues by the deadline date, your application will be rejected.