Membership applications will open again in Fall 2015.

Membership FAQ

Q: How much are membership dues? How can I submit my payment?

A: Membership dues are $65. 

Q: How long does my membership last?

A: Your membership lasts the duration of one year. If you paid in the fall, you can renew your membership the following fall.

Q: Can I join even though I'm haven't taken any Public Relations classes?

A: To be a member of PRSSA, a student must either be a PR major/minor or taking a PR course, or be an a COMM major/minor (in any of our concentrations).

Q: Are there any requirements?

A: You must complete both a membership application and a membership survey.

Q: What if I can't attend every Chapter meeting? Can I still join?

A: Certainly. We understand that our meeting schedule doesn't always align with every single member, but you're welcome to attend events that you can, such as socials, fundraisers or other events.



Membership Inquiries

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