2/20 Guest Speaker: Rebecca Councill

A little bit about her:

A geeky evernote & social media trainer

  • Social Media addict and lover
  • Founder of Houston's Social Media Day 
  • Evernote Junkie & Ambassador 
  • Converse Ambassador & Graphic Tshirt Geek 
  • True come watcher and video game player for downtime 

The Importance of Social:

Quickly amplifies the message

  • Makes PR affordable for all sized businesses
  • Creates relationships
  • Identifies threats and helps you react to negative comments faster 
  • Updates your audience on products, services, etc. 


Active listening involves monitoring

  • Your brand name (domain, name, and hashtag)
  • Hashtag of your brand 
  • Social channels (handles, ALL your hashtags, location(s), popular misspellings of your name


A tool is nothing if not used

  • Evernote (favorite)
  • Native Tools 
  • Tweetdeck 
  • Unionmetrics (Twitter & Instagram)
  • Cyfe 
  • HootSuite - Sprout Social 

Use your arm: 

  • Amplify -helps get your (clients) message out to the masses
  • Respond- to comments, messages, etc.
  • Metrics- check your analytics and your reputation 

*Only works with clients who support non-profit.

*Her brands are all about helping others and giving back.

"I believe non-profits are great, important, and need support. It also makes people more humane."


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