Hi guys, 

Welcome to our first chapter meeting this semester! It's was an info night where we went over membership benefits, committees, introduced officers, and got to know each other better. 


  • Becoming a paid member of PRSSA unlocks incredible benefits that easily provide a return on investment
  • Local benefits:

-Industry professional guest speakers from different communications fields
-Resume, professional development and career building workshops
-Networking events with local professionals and peers
-Social events with Chapter members
-Exclusive agency visits in the city of Houston
-Internship opportunities emailed directly to you on a consistent basis
-PRSA Houston events including PR Day Houston and luncheons
-PR Foundation of Houston Scholarships
-Active membership awards

  • National benefits:

-PRSSA National Conference and Assembly
-PRSSA Regional Conferences
-PRSSA scholarships
-Member exclusive access to the National PRSSA Job Center Database
-Discounted PRSA membership after graduation – $60 instead of $225 for non-members


  • Media:  Includes social media, photography and/or videography. Led by Director of PR, Emma Fritz.
  • Events: Includes brainstorming and planning meetings, socials, agency tours. Led by Director -of Programming, Emma Glen.
  • If you are interested in joining a committee, send an email to


  • Deadline is Tuesday, February 20 at 11:59 p.m.
  • $65 for an entire year
  • You can pay with credit/debit card ($2.25 Stripe charge) on our website
  • To avoid fee, you can pay with cash or check at the next chapter meeting. Please bring your payment method in an envelope with your name, address, phone number, email address and graduation date.
  • If you pay dues, you MUST fill out a membership application on our website


  • Points are awarded for participation
  • At the end of the school year, the top three point winners will be awarded prizes
  • Point distribution: 5 points for attending PRSA events, 5 points for volunteering for a PRSSA or PRSA event, 3 points for attending PRSSA events outside of meetings, 1 point for attending chapter meetings

“I want to be a member but I can’t attend the chapter meetings…”

  • Join the PRSSA GroupMe
  • Follow us on social media
  • Check your emails regularly for the newsletter
  • We use these platforms to update on chapter happenings, social events, internships, PRSA mixers, conferences and luncheons among other things


  • Email:
  • Instagram: prssahouston
  • Twitter: prssahouston 
  • Facebook: PRSSA University of Houston
  • Newsletter: subscribe on home page 
  • If you wish to join the PRSSA GroupMe, talk to an officer after the meeting

Second chapter meeting: 2/20

  • UC South Skyline room
  • Guest speaker Rebecca Council
  • Named one of Houston's top 25 social media influencers and is the Chief Social Officer of CLR Digital Media Services. She will discuss why social media is becoming increasingly important in PR and how to increase engagement and impressions on professional and personal accounts.